How Holistic Service Can Help In Newold Medical Detox Programs

The world is becoming fast. The people who cannot keep up the pace are being left behind. This loneliness and fear of becoming loser are one of the main reasons for the swelling number of drug addicts. The awareness is there and so is the medical help. However, the stories of relapse are far too many to ignore. All over the world specialists of drug rehab Ontario are trying to incorporate the holistic measures to the medical treatment.

The aim is to provide a wide path with the addicted so that they can withstand the urge to relapse once they are out in the wide wild world. The experts think that there is a dearth of knowledge about the efficacy of such programs. Thus, before judging the approach, just go through the following information and learn more about the holistic approach.drug rehab ontario

What Is A Holistic Treatment Program?

It is an approach to align the mind, body and the spirit of the addicted person. Sure they are the non-medical model of fighting the addiction. However, they are important to continue the effect of the medicine given to the addicts. The professionals all over the world are now considering medicines as the first step towards full recovery. Many reputed drug rehab Ontario believe that holistic method helps the addict to change the demeanor entirely rather than changing one element of the individuals’ symptoms. This method tries to solve the underlying problem that generated the behavior in the first place.


Types of Holistic Addiction Therapies

Holistic therapies use meditation, exercise, massage and nutrition to help the person overcome addiction. According to the situation of the addicted person, the professionals of the drug rehab Ontario will decide what type of holistic addiction therapy will be appropriate. The treatment may include tai chi, yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy, and guided meditation etc. Check out the different types of holistic therapy below.

  • Nutritional Therapy: To bear the effects of the medicine that helps the addict to recover, a well-functioning healthy body is required. By preparing a proper nutritional chart for the recovering addicts, the experts boost them to start life afresh. The balanced diet provides nutrition which reflects a substantial change in the body and the mind of the addict.
  • Exercise and Recreational Therapy: Daily exercise helps the body to secrete the happy hormone. The habit of exercising daily helps the addict to control the anxiety and reduce stress. Regular exercise also strengthens the body. A strong body helps to wield a strong mind which will stop the addict from giving in to any impulse. The activities can be varied from one drug rehab Ontario to another. Generally, it includes hiking, canoeing, horse riding, martial arts etc.
  • Meditation: A clear mind is a necessary factor to make the right decision. To make the addicts the master of clear minds the professionals use the methods of guided meditation. Many centres are using methods like tai chi and yoga to increase the clarity of mind of the addicts. The clear mind helps them to make the right choices and also increase the concentration to do any work properly.
  • Massage and Acupuncture: This is one of the most common methods of holistic treatment. The massage and the acupuncture help to restore the balance of the body which is often lost by the excessive use of drugs and alcohol. They also help to reduce the aches and pains that come with the withdrawal symptoms.

Why You Should Choose a Holistic Rehab Center?

In most cases, the root cause of substance abuse stays hidden even after the complete medical recovery. This hidden reason prods the recovered person to take a small dose of the substance that he or she is addicted to. Holistic approach allows the professionals of different drug rehab Ontario to facilitate effective healing by tearing up the root cause and changing the lifestyle of the individual completely. The beginning of the holistic treatment must always start with a medical detox. After the detox, this treatment helps the addict to construct a better quality of life which leads to long-lasting recovery.

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Aims of Holistic Therapy Program

Holistic therapy tries to deal with several factors that lead to addiction. Some of those aspects are:

  • Physical symptoms of withdrawal and addiction
  • Emotional imbalance which leads the recovering addict to relapse to substance abuse.
  • Lack of confidence and spiritual guiding which makes the feeling, that the substance generates, desirable.
  • Having no proper eating habits which lead to neurochemical imbalance making the person sick.
  • In some particular cases, the therapists treat the energy imbalance of the recovering addict. They try to create positive energy in the recovering addict by using techniques such as Reiki.

All these techniques impact the wellbeing of the recovering addict highly, however, you should always use the holistic treatment in combination with the medical detoxification.

Who can benefit from a Holistic Rehab?


However, the method can be more beneficial for the recovering addicts who already have gone through the traditional methods and are still fighting the urge of relapsing. The treatment is effective, but you should consider that no two persons who are struggling for their sobriety are equal. Thus the method of treatment for each of them should be different.

The effectiveness of The Treatment

You might become unsuccessful if you are looking for studies backing up this method. The research exists on the therapeutic effect of holistic methods are still inconclusive. These treatments can make people at ease in the ongoing treatment procedures. It can make them feel more productive and ease them back into a positive life. This kind of treatment even makes the person flexible enough to deal with the challenges of rehabilitation.

It is pretty difficult to overcome the effect of substance abuse. The recovering person needs the medical help that a reputed drug rehab Ontario can provide. To fare the journey well, they need as much help as possible. This approach is nothing but the additional help for the addicted individual. These treatments are a leaning base for the recovering addict while they fight tooth and nail to regain the peaceful life they deserve.